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Be Write There is a one-stop service for all editing and writing needs: proofreading, copy editing, substantive editing, developmental editing, manuscript evaluation, re-writing, and copywriting. I offer extremely fair and flexible rates and can switch seamlessly between U.K. English, Canadian English, and U.S. English. Previous clients have ranged from PhD-level academics to businesses to fiction writers.


David was really wonderful to work with.

He taught me many things about grammar I didn't even know that I needed to know! He was extremely thorough, incredibly accommodating, professional and didn't miss a thing.

His quirky sense of humour and easy manner also made the whole editing process quite an enjoyable one (who would have thought?)

We at Kabooter Knomes will definitely be using his services for our future books, and I would recommend him to anyone in search of a top notch editor for children's books.


First rate editor and individual. Incredibly thorough. I learned a great deal from working with David and appreciate his efforts on a personal and professional level. Thank you.


I can attest that all the good things they say about David Antrobus are true. He’s easy to work with and truly cares about the projects he takes on. He will listen to your needs and will do his best to fulfill them. His editing is superb, and he offers insightful suggestions. He edited my fantasy novel and the result was a finely honed manuscript and an author who has learned a lot! David’s bright humour and encouraging words have made the experience an enjoyable one. I look forward to working with him in the future and recommend him to anyone looking for a quality edit. He is an invaluable asset for any project.


I am a perfectionist and it was a pleasure working with David. He loves his craft and he does a superb job. I hope to work with him again on my next book.


I came across David Antrobus while plying the Editors' Association of Canada website. After a phone conversation, I was inspired to give David's services a try, and have since used him for both structural editing/evaluation and copy editing on my thriller manuscript. All the way along I found David to be professional, enthusiastic, detail-oriented (a must for a good copy editor), and willing to go that extra mile. For example, while he was evaluating my novel from a substantive perspective, he jotted down notes after reading every chapter, so that I would get a sense for what he was thinking as he read it in "real time." This was above and beyond the feedback he provided for categories such as plot, characters, setting, dialogue, etc. I would definitely recommended David's services.


David has an impressive history and background for editing. I initially hired him for that reason and because of the many glowing testimonials on his website. A consummate professional, he explains the process from beginning to end and sends a free sample edit. He does two passes, providing you with a style guide, and he teaches as he goes. Since David is in demand, he juggles a tremendous workload with exceptionally good turnaround time. In addition, he makes the process fun. He loves writing and reading, has a passion for both, and it shows in his approach. I found him to be patient, gracious, humble, and kind—always willing to answer any questions along the way. In light of the superior quality of his services, his prices are more than reasonable. He is outstanding and the best at what he does. I highly recommend him.– Kyrian Lyndon, author of Deadly Veils: Provenance of Bondage


I had lerned every ting I know about writing, punuation, gammer, and other important
stuff from David. lol

Okay, I missed a few of his lessons. I have been with David for a number of years now. I am not easily impressed; not because I come with any special credentials, rather I have been around the horn a few times. David is most impressive.

And speaking of credentials; David offered me none when we met up, other than to say he knew how to edit. What I liked was his sincerity and response to my questions.

What I found in his work was a man with the skill of a neurosurgeon. He is a master of the English language. What he is doing down here with us mere mortals is beyond me. My guess is he has been cast out by the gods of language because they too lack in his abilities.

I pray not to many of you take him on as your editor; as I need him more than you, okay!


David truly helped me take my manuscript and have it looking the way it needed to. He was excellent in finding inconsistencies in my writing and really helped me master and control my writing quirks. I would highly recommend him to any writer.


David is an excellent editor. He doesn't police style, and provides detailed reasoning behind his editing choices. For speculative fiction, his stylesheet is an invaluable tool for further editing. I certainly plan on working with him again.


David did an outstanding job. There were two facets, in particular, that were so appealing. First and foremost, he is incredibly thorough. His attention to detail and flow were remarkable. Secondly, he was able to "step back" from the novel and make recommendations regarding paragraph and sentence structure as well as some very astute observations about the story line. I could not be more pleased nor more impressed and would not hesitate to recommend him. On a personal level, he is simply a good man to work with. I will, without doubt, work with David on my next novel.


David Antrobus copyedited my novel Playing Charlie Cool. Not only is David knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with, he preserved my writing voice throughout the project and made some great suggestions that improved the internal logic of a couple of scenes. I would definitely hire him again.


I refuse to say anything good about David. I have worked with him now for a year or so. My muse tells me he is a most adept editor who is much like the hen and the pig talking about breakfast. The hen gets all uppity about the eggs and how they can be prepared. The hen is like most editors i have met – involved in what I do. But David is the pig – truly committed to what he does. Well, that's what my muse says.
I mean If I were to say anything, then you people would gobble him up and I would be left with only the hens.


I did a second edition of my poetry book and required a good editor, as my previous one did a less than mediocre job. David was so easy to work with and a pleasure to deal with. His editing service is affordable and good quality. His editing suggestions were logical and fit well with the book and what I was trying to accomplish with it. I am thrilled with how my book came out the second time around and can't wait to release it, knowing that this time, it is the best it can be thanks to the help of David. I will definitely use his service for my next book.


I'm working with David on a book at this very moment (my second one with him). The first one was 450 pages and there was a LOT of editing work to do. To sum up my experience with him as an editor, two words come to mind: Professionalism and knows-his-stuff (okay, those are more than two words and if I'd do that in a manuscript, I'd see in David's notes what the different dictionaries have to say about dashes-between-certain-words) and which one. David is a pleasure to work with. He's responsive, easy to get in touch with, on time, and never judges me for bad grammar. So, they're you have it. I look forward to many more projects with him.


What I need from an editor is all that grammar and punctuation stuff. What I want is clunky sentences to be made beautiful. David does both. I've had a handful of good editors over the past twenty years and hope that David will be my only and last.


David Antrobus worked with us recently on our Epic Fantasy novel The Road to the King, copy-editing and proofreading, first and second pass.

Not only did he provide us a fair quote for said services up front, but he fully explained the process, came up with a reasonable payment plan and kept in frequent contract. His suggestions were professional, understandable and yet respectful of the artistic process. We will utilize his services again.


My decision to self-publish was long and agonizing in part because I knew I'd need to find an editor that I trusted and worked well with. I feel extremely lucky that I found David who was recommended to me (highly) by an independent writer who'd worked with him in the past. From the very first sample, it was clear he knew his stuff. I can write all day long, but if you ask me about comma rules my mind goes blank. David doesn't flinch at commas (which I totally needed), but more than that – he clearly loves his work and took extreme care when going through my writing. I actually feel as though I'm a better writer after working with him and, really, what more can you ask than that? I recommend David without hesitation and plan to work with him on my next book (and the one after that and..)


Doing anything the first time can be a nerve racking experience and that includes writing a novel. But I have to say working with David was an enjoyable experience. He was professional, funny, and played attention to detail. I don't know how many questions I asked or how much we went back and forth but I do know he was always patient and always responsive. My book now being complete I can say that I am proud of the finished product thanks in no small part to David.


David's editing work on my novel was superb––meticulous, carefully researched and correct down to the last comma. He was pleasant to work for, and his fee was quite reasonable. I highly recommend him for editing any type of writing.


David Antrobus's quick and professional editing skills are a must in this competitive field. What he doesn't know, he researches. A warrior of the written word and an all around good guy, David's services are just what the indie ordered.


I like David. He's thorough, prompt, professional and reasonably priced. Not only that, he actually welcomes questions about the editing process, and for someone relatively new to the whole writing game like I am, that just makes the whole experience that much better. I recommend David to anyone searching for a quality editor.


David was excellent to work with. Easy to understand, great attention to detail, and very responsive over email. I'd definitely recommend him if you're looking for an editor who can work within deadlines.


David did an awesome job working on editing my book "Cities of Sand and Stone." He worked within my budget and quickly adjusted to my writing style.


I have had the good fortune to make it through my writing career thus far encountering only a few editors I would like to pummel with a vintage typewriter. Most have been good. The best, by far, is David Antrobus. David has an excellent grasp of grammar and all that good stuff – the REAL key is that he is a tremendous writer AND A WONDERFUL READER. He would never force an idea on someone or even do more than make gentle suggestions, but when he does make suggestions, I generally take them. I have OCD. I am OBSESSED with clean copy. Not only does he put up with my neurotic self, he edits my books in a timely manner, professionally, and he does it all with kindness and a desire to help writers produce the absolute best work they have in them. David Antrobus is a friend of mine. He's a good friend. He's also my editor (which isn't free), but I wouldn't want anyone else editing my work. Because he's good. He's a writer. And he is one of those rare writers who has the capacity to help other writers…AND the desire.


David was recommended to me by another author. He has edited eight books for me and has been extremely detail orientated and patient. He has also provided exceptional feedback on the flow of the series and had some interesting and compelling ideas for some of the characters and the use of age approriate language, as my target market is children. David was a pleasure to work with and I highly suggest that anyone that needs some editing services contact David.


David has edited two of my manuscripts so far. His editing prowess is as strong as his professionalism. Not only does he do a fantastic job of cleaning up my work, he never falls outside of my voice and has a knack for suggesting stronger choices when necessary. He is not heavy handed, but succinct and efficient.

I highly recommend David as an editor and would trust him with any of my work.


David was kind enough to take on my project at the last minute and get it back to me very quickly. His insight into my work and edits were exactly what I needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

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