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I am a freelance translator based in Surrey, UK, and alongside written translation and bilingual proofreading I also offer transcription, copy typing and simple proofreading services for any kind of texts. I have many years of experience and a proven track record as you will be able to see from my CV attached to this profile (image format). You can also visit my website at where you will find samples of my written work published over the years. I am flexible with regard to deadlines and I always offer a prompt, high-quality service. No job is too small or big and I only take on an assignment if I know I can do it and do it well. For any queries, feel free to drop me an email, I reply very quickly.

Transcribing audio files, which involves three stages: actual transcription > checking the transcript against the recording > reading through the final draft of the transcript.
Both clean and time-stamped copies of 'intelligent verbatim' transcripts will be produced (i.e. without the usual 'erm', 'like', 'well', 'you know' used in speech, unless they are an integral part of what is being said).

Proofreading any kind of texts, whether it be a simple letter or an email, CVs, business literature, legal texts, articles, websites, etc. The process involves checking spelling, grammar, and making suggestions for improving the text if necessary.

Typing handwritten or printed documents and, where necessary, following the original formatting as closely as possible. The final copy will be checked carefully against the original document to ensure accuracy.

French – English | Romanian – English | English – Romanian
Translating or checking the translation of various kinds of documents (legal, official, financial, correspondence, business), academic & magazine articles, websites, interviews, general texts, etc. For experience and samples of work published so far, please visit

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