A great deal for UK freelancers: £30 for lifetime listings on FLITUK


As some of you may know, Find a Proofreader has a sister site called Freelancers in the UK. Established way back in 2005, the website is very effective at helping UK freelancers of all types to grow their online presence and also boost their own website’s SEO.

As 2020 is proving to be a very difficult year for businesses around the country, Freelancers in the UK has come up with an excellent offer that is designed to encourage existing freelancers to think long term with their marketing efforts. It will also act as a warm welcome to the world of freelancing for anyone who is embarking on self-employment for the first time.

Usually, a listing on the directory is £15 + VAT per year – a modest amount, especially when you consider the fact that the site takes no commission on any work that members get via the site. The new offer, however, is even better: for just £25 + VAT you can now get a LIFETIME listing. That’s right – you pay just once and the listing will last indefinitely!

The offer is open to freelancers across the UK, from all industries, whether you are an existing advertiser on the site or not. Here are 10 benefits of adding a listing to Freelancers in the UK:

  1. Your listing can include your contact details, logo, social media links and as much descriptive text about your business as you like.
  2. You can log in and edit the listing any time.
  3. You can include your web address. A lot of freelancer platforms don’t allow this as they want customers to only find you on their own site.
  4. Better still, your web address backlink is dofollow. This means your own website will get a big SEO boost.
  5. You can receive and reply to customer reviews. A great way to build your online reputation!
  6. Unlike many freelancer platforms, Freelancers in the UK do not charge commission when you find work via our site. The listing fee is all you pay.
  7. You can write guest blogs for the website as often as you like, whenever you like. A great way of building your online presence.
  8. You can add events relating to your business on the Events page.
  9. You even get a QR code on your listing. Add it to your business card and customers can navigate directly to your listing! Great for freelancers who don’t have a website.
  10. You can log in via Facebook.

Are you ready to add your freelance business for just £25 + VAT with no other charges, EVER? Click here!

18/06/2020 |

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