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Find a Proofreader on a tabletVisitors to Find a Proofreader may be pleased to hear that the site now employs a ‘responsive’ web design.  Responsive website design (or RWD) aims to provide an optimal viewing experience across all commonly used devices, such as desktop monitors, tablets and smartphones. Whatever mobile device you happen to view Find a Proofreader on, you should find that it fits the screen snugly, reducing the need to ‘pinch and zoom’ the touchscreen as you navigate the site.

This is great news for users coming to the site via mobile devices as it will obviously make the site more user-friendly – in turn, it should also be music to the ears of our advertisers. If visitors enjoy using the site, they’re more likely to stick around, and if they stick around, they’re more likely to find you.

If your own website isn’t responsive yet, we recommend you make the leap soon. With more and more web users accessing the internet via their mobile devices it’s important that you ensure that they don’t leave your site as soon as they arrive. A way to monitor how successful your site is at retaining visitors is to keep an eye on your bounce rate on Google Analytics. In theory, the lower your bounce rate, the better, as it suggests that people are not just coming to your site, viewing a single page very briefly and then leaving (although there’s actually more to bounce rates than that).

Making your site responsive can be quite difficult in some instances. If your site was designed in WordPress or similar, it may be a case of simply installing a plugin or updating/changing your WordPress theme; however, if your site was coded in HTML you’ll probably have to pay a web designer to make extensive changes to the code (which is unlikely to be cheap).

One option would be to employ a company to take the copy from your existing site and design a new WordPress-based website that is modern and responsive. Full Media Ltd provide such a service – all sites are responsive, stylish and quick to navigate, and prices start from as little as £200. As well as making your company website future proof, another major advantage of having a WordPress website is that you will be able to log in and make changes to the website without having to learn any web design skills yourself!

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Opportunities for academic editors specialising in engineering


Cactus Communications logo

One of our advertisers, Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd (, are a leading language services company providing editorial services to over 43,000 customers in 107 countries. Cactus offer academic editing, medical communications, publication support, transcription, and training services to individuals and corporations across sectors such as academia, publishing, and pharmaceuticals.

The company are currently looking for experienced freelance editors for their copy-editing and substantive editing services.

Working as a Cactus freelance editor will enable you to apply your expert knowledge and English language skills to provide effective scientific communication. Cactus’ stringent recruitment process ensures that only the best editors are chosen. Once selected, all freelance editors receive the necessary information and support from Cactus’ managing editors, reviewers, and trainers on an ongoing basis.

Cactus freelance editors need to fulfil the following criteria:


  • Exceptional command over the English language including punctuation, grammar and idiomatic expressions
  • A minimum of two years’ experience of journal article editing
  • Expertise in one or more of the following subjects: Engineering (civil, mechanical, aeronautical, and automobile), Electronics Communications, Wireless Communications, Chemistry, Nuclear/Atomic Physics, Electronics, Sensors, Image Processing, Computer Science, Mathematics, Modeling/Simulation, Environmental Science, Energy, Sustainability, Materials Engineering, Remote Sensing, Hydrology, Metallurgy, Atmospheric Science, Optics, and Photonics

One or more of the following will be preferred:

  • A postdoctoral/doctoral degree
  • A certificate/diploma in academic editing, publishing, scientific communication, journal article writing
  • Experience in working with ESL (English as a second language) manuscripts
  • Familiarity with the style and conventions followed in academic writing
  • BELS certification

Job Responsibilities, Copy-editor

You will be required to edit research papers to ensure

  • correct sentence structure, word choice, grammar, and punctuation
  • conformance to native English standards
  • consistency in the use of terminology

Manuscript format

  • Check the basic format of the manuscript to ensure consistency in layout, presentation of citations, number style representation, etc.
  • Format the manuscript as per client specifications (journal guidelines, etc.), if any.

A copy-editor’s role will not always be restricted to “cleaning copy.” You may also need to edit heavily at times to remove all awkward/convoluted expressions. The final document must be error free and must conveyo the author’s intended meaning.

Job Responsibilities, Substantive editor

In addition to performing a copyedit, a substantive editor

  • makes structural changes, ensuring that the content is well organized and that the tone is appropriate
  • drafts a cover letter for the author and provides a short report on the quality of the original document
  • revises the document based on the client’s inputs if necessary

Selection Process

  • Cactus screen your CV/resume and check whether your profile meets our requirements.
  • They ask you to take a short editing exercise.
  • You hear from Cactus within one week of submitting your completed test.
  • If selected, Cactus sign a contract and confidentiality agreement with you.
  • Once the paperwork is done, you’re on board and read to go.

Please note: Since this is a freelance position, hours are flexible.

You can find out more about Cactus and the job requirements here:

Interested in applying? Then upload your CV and cover letter here:

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Get a professionally designed logo for £65!


We mentioned in a recent blog how the use of images can really help you enhance your business’ online profile, whether it’s on your own website or elsewhere on the internet. When you buy a listing in the Find a Proofreader directory you’re allowed to upload up to five images, and it’s a good idea to include your company logo as one of those images. Your logo helps to set you apart from your competitors and it instantly makes your business appear more professional and trustworthy.

But what if you don’t have a logo for your business? Thankfully, help is at hand! Find a Proofreader is now a part of Full Media Ltd, a provider of various online media services such as web design, video production and graphic design. Full Media offer companies professional logo designs for £100, but for Find a Proofreader members we’re offering a specially discounted rate of just £65! For this price our highly skilled graphic artist will provide you with five original designs to choose from –  once you’ve decided on one, we’ll email you the design in various file types so that you can use it online, in your email signature, on your business cards – wherever you like!

And as if that price isn’t low enough, we also have a budget option – for £45 we will provide you with one logo design. You’ll still be able to request small changes to the design before accepting it, but you won’t get the same breadth of choice as you would with the £65 option. The choice is yours! We can design a logo from scratch or we can incorporate any ideas you might have already; just let us know what it is you’re after before you place the order and we’ll make it happen!

These offers are exclusive to members of the Find a Proofreader directory. If you’re interested, or if you have any questions prior to placing your order, drop us a line. If you’d like a professionally designed logo and you’re not already advertising in the directory, feel free to join today so that you too can take advantage of this fantastic deal!


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