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Find A Proofreader SEOSince relaunching the site two months ago, all our focus has been on getting Find a Proofreader to the top of the search engines. We’ve added lots of fresh content to the homepage and we’ve managed to get links on high-profile sites like and  We’ve also launched an Articles page so that our advertisers can submit fresh, relevant content about proofreading, copywriting and anything else relating to the services they offer. The search engines love fresh, relevant content – especially Google.

Search results

As a result of these efforts, our rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing have risen dramatically. In fact, we’re now number one on and for ‘proofreaders’ and ‘proof readers’, which is pretty remarkable as we weren’t even in the top 100 before the relaunch! We’re 6th on Google UK for ‘proof reader’, 10th for ‘proof readers’, and 2nd on Yahoo UK for ‘freelance proofreader’.  These are just a few of the keywords we’re scoring highly for – there are many more. And if you’re not on page 1 of the search engines for a particular keyword, your chances of being found are slim to none.

Rise to the top with Find a Proofreader

SEO is a tricky beast to master; it’s also an ongoing struggle. You have to work hard to stay on top and you have to play by the search engine’s rules, which can change at any time. If you’re a proofreader or editor and you’re struggling to rank for the big keywords, there are two ways you could improve your online presence: you could spend time working on your own website’s rankings – and believe me, it takes a lot of time – or you could spend £20 a year to appear on Find a Proofreader.  If you choose the former, may I recommend you download CuteRank – it’s the best free tool we’ve found for tracking a site’s search engine rankings. If you’d rather leave the SEO work to us – well, we look forward to adding you to our directory soon!

30/07/2012 |

Category Featured Listings


Thanks to Cassie Armstrong of Morningstar Editing, it has turned out to be a week of firsts for us here at Find a Proofreader. Cassie became our first US-based advertiser and she is also the first person to purchase a Category Featured Ad! This means her listing under Proofreaders / Editors will appear at the top of the list when visitors search by category. All that extra exposure for just £25 a year on top of the £20 for the Standard Listing! With the Proofreaders / Editors category growing by the week, this is a wise move by Cassie because it will ensure that her freelance proofreading business continues to stand out from the crowd.

Add your own Category Featured Listing

If you would like to give your own online marketing strategy a boost, consider placing a Category Featured Ad under any of our categories (Copywriters, CV Writers, Ghostwriters, Indexers, Proofreaders & Editors, Translators, and Virtual Assistants). Of course, existing advertisers can always upgrade their existing standard listing to a Category Featured Ad if they wish – contact us if you’d like to arrange this.

20/07/2012 |

Find us on


We’re excited to learn that Find a Proofreader has been added to the Useful Links page of The website is run by Trevor Horwood, an esteemed proofreader and copy-editor who wrote the excellent Freelance Proofreading and Copy-editing – A Guide a book that I myself read back in 2004 when I first decided I wanted to be a proofreader. Going freelance is an extremely daunting task for anyone, whether they’re training to be a proofreader or a plumber, but this book certainly made me feel more confident in succeeding back then. It provides great tips on how to find work when you’re just starting out, and, amongst other things, it provides some proofreading tests so you can gauge your own ability. It’s a friendly, approachable book and I remember laughing out loud occasionally as Horwood’s writing style is witty at times too.

If you’re thinking of becoming a freelance proofreader or editor, I recommend you read Horwood’s book. And once you’re up and running, come and join Find a Proofreader – where you can advertise your services from just £20 a year!

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