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Thanks to Cassie Armstrong of Morningstar Editing, it has turned out to be a week of firsts for us here at Find a Proofreader. Cassie became our first US-based advertiser and she is also the first person to purchase a Category Featured Ad! This means her listing under Proofreaders / Editors will appear at the top of the list when visitors search by category. All that extra exposure for just £25 a year on top of the £20 for the Standard Listing! With the Proofreaders / Editors category growing by the week, this is a wise move by Cassie because it will ensure that her freelance proofreading business continues to stand out from the crowd.

Add your own Category Featured Listing

If you would like to give your own online marketing strategy a boost, consider placing a Category Featured Ad under any of our categories (Copywriters, CV Writers, Ghostwriters, Indexers, Proofreaders & Editors, Translators, and Virtual Assistants). Of course, existing advertisers can always upgrade their existing standard listing to a Category Featured Ad if they wish – contact us if you’d like to arrange this.

20/07/2012 |

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