Find A Proofreader becomes Find a Proofreader!


OK, this is hardly an earth-shattering piece of news, and it certainly won’t be attracting the media attention that  Waterstones achieved when they dropped that apostrophe, but we thought we’d tell you anyway that Find A Proofreader has changed its name to (drumroll) … Find a Proofreader!

Personally, we preferred ‘A’. As a company name it just looked more satisfying, somehow. But as most people seem to prefer writing it with a lower-case a (see our testimonials page for proof of that), we thought it might be a good idea to change it. We raised the question in the form of a poll on our Facebook page and the decision was unanimous.

We’ve been through the site changing all instances of Find A Proofreader to Find a Proofreader (luckily the logo is all in capitals anyway), but no doubt we’ve missed an A or two somewhere. Let us know if you spot one, proofreaders!

05/09/2012 |

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