Find a Proofreader moves from to .com!


Over the past four months since we redesigned and relaunched Find a Proofreader, the site has grown rapidly. We’ve gone from having around 50 advertisers to over 130, we’ve received many positive emails from advertisers and end users alike – some of which  you can read here – and we’ve sent out over 60 proofreading opportunities to advertisers via our Get a Quote page since the start of July.

The site’s increased popularity has led to several freelancers outside of the UK signing up to the directory. We’ve now got proofreaders and editors based in countries such as Australia, the US and France – and we’ve even got a virtual assistant in Malta! Now that the site has a more international vibe, we felt it made sense to change the site’s domain from to .com.

So, as of yesterday, the site has moved across to There will be no negative impacts as a result of this move. Visitors to will automatically be redirected to, and because we set up a 301 redirect (which basically means we told the search engines that this move is permanent), our high search engine positions shouldn’t be affected.

A big ‘thank you’ must go to our new web hosts for helping to make the transition quick and painless. And now that we’re a .com, we look forward to adding more international freelancers to the site in the near future!


07/10/2012 |

5 thoughts on “Find a Proofreader moves from to .com!

  1. George says:

    The site is developing nicely, well done!

  2. Thanks to you, we moved from to .com

  3. TaskBucks says:

    Superb Nick! I just migrated the domain from to .com. Thanks for recommendation.

  4. thank you very much for sharing…..

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