Find a Proofreader – relaunched and flying high!


Find A Proofreader on the riseExciting news for all our advertisers! Since the site was relaunched a few weeks ago, we’ve been monitoring our progress in the search engines and we’ve been steadily increasing for various keywords such as ‘freelance proofreaders’ and ‘proofreader directory’, both of which we are now on page 1 for (and our newly joined indexers will be pleased to hear that we’ve gone from total obscurity to  page 4 for ‘indexers’ overnight).

This probably explains why we’ve seen an increase in quote requests in the past two weeks, which just goes to show how important search engine rankings are to the directory’s success.

Whilst we’re making clear progress, there are still things that need to be done – and you can help! If you’re an existing advertiser, please consider writing articles relevant to your skills and background so that we can publish them on the Articles page. This will provide you with additional exposure as the article will link to your website (or your Find a Proofreader listing if you don’t have a website). It will also help our rankings because Google loves fresh, relevant content. If you’re not advertising in our directory yet, please join us so that you too can benefit from our growing online presence.

Onwards and upwards!

13/07/2012 |

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