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The use of images is an essential part of internet marketing. It’s true that content is king, but not all content is written content, and nor should it be – can you imagine how dull the internet would be without images and videos? If you’re serious about succeeding as an online business you need to be selective and creative when it comes to using pictures to promote yourself effectively.

The good news is that Find a Proofreader has an easy-to-use image upload feature. Whatever images you wish to include in your listing, Find a Proofreader lets you upload up to five – so there’s no excuse for not utilising the power of pictures on our website!

Upload your company logo

The first image you upload is treated as your primary image. It is used for the thumbnail next to your business name when visitors search the site. We recommend uploading your company logo first, if you have one, because your listing will look more professional with your own corporate identity and it will differentiate you from the other companies listed. If you don’t upload any images at all, our default thumbnail will appear next to your listing and you won’t be giving yourself any sort of advantage visually.

Logos of associations and societies

If you’re associated with any organisations related to the services you offer, you can upload these too, if the organisation has granted you permission to do so. These organisations are often expensive to join and you have to work very hard to achieve the various levels of membership that they offer, so you’d be daft not to make the most of them. Don’t just mention the association in the blurb of your listing – upload the image so that people can see at a glance that you’re associated with them. Remember that people don’t always have time to read all the text in front of them, especially when they’re browsing a business directory.

A photo of yourself

A photo of yourself, or your team if you have staff, is another way of giving your listing a sense of identity.  ‘People buy from people’ is a cliché frequently used in the world of sales, and there’s some truth in it. As the world becomes increasingly reliant on the internet, more and more business is done remotely and so anything you can do to inject personality into your online presence is likely to help –  as long as it’s a professionally taken photo or at least one that is of reasonable quality.

Examples of your work

Another idea would be to upload examples of your work. While this could be a powerful tool as it clearly demonstrates the quality of your work, you will of course need the permission of your client before you can upload such material.

The technical stuff

Whatever images you decide to use in your listing, the ideal dimensions to use are 150 px (W) x 123 px (H). Remember that you can add or delete images at any time just by logging in, going to your dashboard, clicking on View Listing and then Edit Listing. And if you get stuck, contact us and we’ll help you!


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2 thoughts on “How to use images to stand out

  1. Spot on, Nick. You can say a lot with the right graphic. The idea of including a picture of yourself (or your team) is something I completely endorse. Many customers who use proofreading and editing services appreciate a reminder that they’re dealing with human beings, so uploading photographs that express the way you, as a business owner, want to be perceived is, I think, a super idea.

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