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One of the features of Find a Proofreader that we’re particularly proud of is the search bar. Most freelancer directories that you’ll find online lack this function, forcing visitors to search by category, name or location instead. By having a search bar, visitors to our site can get the results they’re looking for quickly and easily. To get the most out of it, whether you’re a visitor searching for a freelancer or whether you’re a freelancer advertising in the directory, we recommend you read this brief tutorial.

Using the ‘Search For’ window

When looking for a freelancer on Find a Proofreader, type in as many keywords you like. Rather than simply typing ‘copywriter’, for example, narrow your search down by typing in some other relevant keywords. If you’re after a copywriter to help you with your blog, type in ‘copywriter blog’ or ‘blog copywriting’. Your search results will then be more specific and you’re likely to find the right professional for your needs much quicker.


Note to advertisers: it is important to write as detailed a description in your listing as possible, and to include as many relevant search tags as you can think of, if you want to maximise your chances of being found. Perhaps you’re an indexer who also proofreads, or a proofreader who is also offers copywriting services. If you include these keywords in your listing, you will show up in the related searches even though you’re not necessarily listed under that category.


Using the ‘Near’ window

Finally, if you’re looking for a freelancer local to yourself, remember to type in a location in the second search box entitled ‘Near’. You’ll then be presented with localised search results and an option to expand the search radius, if necessary. It will also allow you to sort your results by highest rating, closest proximity and alphabetical order.


We hope you found this brief tutorial useful. If you have any queries or suggestions on further improvements to this or any other aspect of the site, please let us know.

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