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Professional proofreading service for authors, content creators, scriptwriters and businesses.

I’m a freelance proofreader able to proofread a variety of content, but I’m particularly interested in scripts, online courses, blogs and websites.

I’ve graduated from Proofreading Academy with distinction, and I’m continuing my CPD with two courses with the Publishing Training Centre – Essential Proofreading and Essential Copy-Editing.

I’m currently running a discount to build up my portfolio. Contact me at [email protected] for a free, no obligation quote and mention FINDA50 in your message.

Proofread and plant trees! I’ve teamed up with One Tree Planted to help plant one tree for every 2,000 words I proofread. When you hand your document over to me to proofread, you’re helping the planet at the same time!

I offer two services – proofreading and proof-editing.

Checks for:
✓ Consistency in spelling and punctuation
✓ Correct grammar
✓ Consistency in capitalisation and hyphenation
✓ Homophones (their, they’re, there)
✓ Word duplication
✓ Consistency in use of numbers
✓ Extra spaces and line breaks
✓ Consistency in format, including alignment and indentation
✓ Other materials – images, tables, lists, illustrations, captions, etc.
✓ Headers, including running titles
✓ Footers, including footnotes and footnote cues
✓ Consistency and completeness of pagination
✓ Correct typography (font, use of bold/italics, etc.)

Includes all the checks in the proofreading service but with additional checks for:
✓ Overall structure – the work makes sense to the reader from an A to B to C point of view
✓ Sentence flow – there is clarity in the writing
✓ Language used – the choice of language is fit for the intended audience

I am a volunteer member of Distributed Proofreaders – part of Project Gutenberg – who bring public domain books to the general public for free.


Maintaining my own website I cannot see the wood for the trees when it comes to errors in the content. It is usually at the end of the week, and I’m adding case studies to showcase a project we have completed that week. Although I enjoy creating for the site, it’s usually the last job on my list and I’m in a hurry. Then I get home re read what I have written, pop back to the office to correct my grammar. Even then, I still miss errors I have made.

We employed Rachel to proof read our site and give us feedback. She meticulously scrutinised every word, page and broken link on our website, and provided us with a comprehensive guide, not just of corrections to be made but also how to re phrase and improve our wording, so it is easier to read to the client rather than the trade.

Having a second pair of eyes has been absolutely invaluable, and one thing that I liked most was her honesty: “your About Us bores me”.
It talks about 25 year old qualifications that are not relevant, trade terminology I don’t know, and very little about you. I need to know about you, why I connect with you, why I should be employing you over the next guy. You are fun and exciting people, but you take your work seriously and are always keeping ahead of the game with new technologies, that is not mentioned at all in your About Us.

We have now employed Rachel to assist us in re writing these pages, ensuring we are more appealing to our target market, rather than boring potential clients with technical jargon we use at the trade counter.

We are very, very pleased with the results.

Gavin Yeoman
Yeoman (SW) Ltd


I asked Barko’s Editorial to proofread the main pages of my website and my most recent blogs. Rachel found errors on the site that I wrote myself but I had never noticed. She was accurate and thorough, and the changes she made have made my website better.

My website is my window to the world and my main opportunity to get new clients and business. Rachel improved the copy, and I can now have more confidence that when people visit my site they’ll have a positive first impression. I would highly recommend Barko’s Editorial to anyone wanting to improve their website.

Response from Barko’s Editorial on 12/03/2021

Thanks Paul! It was a pleasure to proofread your website; it’s a beautiful site!

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