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Experienced editor and proofreader helping businesses and public sector and government bodies.

I am a Full Member of the Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers of Ireland (AFEPI Ireland) and an Advanced Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) in the UK.

Further details and client testimonials are available on my website:

My public sector clients include:

* Department of Children and Youth Affairs
* Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport
* Enterprise Ireland
* Irish Research Council
* Road Safety Authority
* South Dublin County Partnership
* SOLAS (Further Education and Training Authority)
* Wexford County Council

My business and publishing clients include:

* Crimson Communications
* Divine Mercy Publications
* Drury | Porter Novelli
* Envy Publications
* FWG Forensics
* Folens Publishers
* Rosie The Wedding Planner
* Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

Services for business and public sector clients

I provide a professional editing, plain English editing and proofreading service for all your business documents, including:

• annual reports • business reports • policies and strategies
• national policy frameworks • training manuals • website and blog content • guides and brochures

I can also help devise a suitable editorial style guide for your organisation’s written material, based on industry best practice. I believe in the importance of listening to clients, adhering to their deadlines and providing excellent customer service in a professional manner.

Training and CPD

Practical mark-up of PDFs (SfEP)
SfEP 28th annual conference (Bedfordshire 2017)
Writing and editing for the web (Publishing Training Centre)
SfEP 27th annual conference (Birmingham 2016)
Rewriting and substantive editing (Publishing Training Centre)
Editorial project management (Publishing Training Centre)
Advanced copy-editing (Publishing Training Centre)
Point of view in fiction (Claire Keegan Fiction Clinics)
SfEP 25th annual conference (London 2014)
On-screen editing 1 (SfEP)
Grammar plus (Publishing Ireland)
Basic proofreading by distance learning (Publishing Training Centre)


I wholeheartedly recommend Mary McCauley. I came to Mary for line-editing and copy-editing of a short story, but moreover I specifically wanted to learn where I was going wrong. My engagement with Mary was extremely professional from the very beginning and I appreciated the time and effort she took to be clear about the scope of the work, what she proposed to do and what would be out of scope, supported by a clear project quotation. I liked the fact that we signed an agreement and Mary was clear about the pricing and delivery. Mary delivered, on time and at the agreed cost, an extremely thorough edit of my story using track changes with clear, explanatory comments. It was evident that Mary went to extra effort to understand my story and her comments were made in its context. This has allowed me to learn more about where I was going wrong – which is really what I wanted. All Mary’s comments were constructive and carefully delivered. I would certainly use Mary’s services again and recommend her without hesitation.


I was absolutely impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail Mary McCauley gave to my manuscript. I thought I had done a good job editing it myself, but used her copy-editing services just to be safe. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did Mary find all the hidden errors, but she took the time to explain why they were wrong and how to avoid them in the future. Going through her editorial process has deepened my understanding of my craft, and allowed me to produce a better product. I understood what it was I was trying to say, and learned how best to say it. The copy-editing work Mary did was not only done well, but it was done fast. My manuscript was over 160,000 words long, and it was returned in a month.
R.M. Garino


In the past two years I have submitted two novels to Mary McCauley for copy-editing. I have to say that I’m delighted with the work that Mary has done on both. Like a lot of people I don’t know what a colon means, or what a semicolon means, or even a dash, but Mary does. Before I submitted my novels to her I thought both books were free from grammatical errors, whatever about the quality of the writing. How wrong I was. How thorough is she? She found a spelling mistake I made in a street name in my home town. A good editor is a gift for a writer and Mary is a terrific editor.


I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your outstanding work on the Essential Science Workbook. I have worked with many editors over a long period but you are one of the finest that I have ever met. You took your work very seriously and did a super job reading the manuscripts, getting back to us with queries, suggesting areas for improvement and continually checking and rechecking with us to ensure that everything was perfect. Receiving a manuscript from three different authors is always challenging since each of us is writing independently of the others. However, you managed this very skilfully – like the conductor of an orchestra making sure that we were all in tune with each other! I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with you again.


I am delighted to recommend the services of Mary . After writing my first book i was looking for someone to proof read and edit. Mary is highly professional and operates in a strict time frame. Mary was always there to offer advice and guidance which is so helpful to us newbies. Mary’s work is very detailed and accurate. Mary will look after your work like it was her own . An extremely friendly and professional service.
I will continue to use the services of Mary in the future.
Thanks Again.


I am delighted to recommend Mary McCauley. She has proved to be a very able editor, doing a detailed edit, picture research, artwork co-ordination and all proofreading, proof-checking and collation of author proofs. She has shown attention to detail, flexibility with schedule changes and diplomacy in working with several authors on what was a complicated project. Her good humour in the face of many changes helped make the project an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Tess Tattersall, Editorial Manager, Folens Publishers


I needed a proofreader for Crimson Dawn, the third novel in my Exilon 5 trilogy. I had already published two books, so I knew the level of detail I was after. Mary’s attention to detail was meticulous and she used tracked changes, which made the entire proofread easy to follow. Mary was open to me contacting her after the work was done, which allowed me to ask follow-up questions. I would highly recommend her if you’re looking for a top-notch editor.


Mary McCauley helped me to shape up my book Meeting Grief with Mindfulness and Compassion. I was not looking forward to handing my writing over to an editor to ‘take apart’. The book is semi-autobiographical and very personal. Mary’s ability to copy-edit to a very high standard is well testified to in other comments and I completely agree! It was her kindness and consideration towards me during the editing process that blew me away. I would highly recommend Mary – she has a keen eye and a heart of gold.


Mary McCauley is an excellent professional, truly engaged and generous with her expert advice. I found her patient, non-judgemental and very supportive. Mary keeps to deadline commitments; her insights and suggestions are critically clear and I can say, hand on heart, my book The Calling of John Fitzcanty is better for her specialised involvement. I have also used Mary’s proficiency to copy-edit and proof a short story, ‘Logos Spermatikos’, and I will avail of her assistance in the future. I recommend her to you. You will not be disappointed – guaranteed.


As a non-native English speaker I hired Mary McCauley to copy-edit my young adult novel The Real Horse Girl. I found Mary to be so professional that she could easily jump aboard my train of thought, so to speak, and make it go where I wanted it to go. I don’t know how she could have been any better. Almost every edit made me think: ‘Yes, of course, this is what I was aiming at’. There were a few points where we disagreed, but quite naturally even then her view helped me develop the original idea into a better version. Her suggestions only added to the strong feeling that we definitely were on the same page. So, Mary, thank you. I’d love to work with you again!


I have found Mary McCauley to be highly professional, capable, committed to deadlines and pleasant to deal with. Unlike many proofreaders who are ‘self-taught’, Mary has one of the industry’s recognised professional qualifications, and that makes a huge difference to the quality and creditability of her work. She is also very generous in sharing her knowledge about the latest writing style trends and conventions, and she has helped me shape the current style guide for The Market magazine.


Mary did a wonderfully thorough job on my historical novel, The Regent. She was professional in her approach, fastidious in checking my rather eclectic sources, and painstakingly referenced every point she made. I was astonished by the number of inconsistencies, repetitions and simple grammar mistakes that she discovered. I accepted 99% of her suggestions (many of which were embarrassing to have pointed out to me) and can say with total confidence that my novel will be much the better for her involvement.


After living with my first novel for 10 months, I hired Mary to do some copy-editing, expecting to get back some minor revisions before publication. Instead, I got back a copy-edit that blew me away. Mary is not only extremely thorough, but she’s also incredibly talented, and her edits are eye-opening. I can honestly say that I’ve become a better writer because of her suggestions and insights. Reading one of her edits is like a year of creative writing classes. I would highly recommend hiring Mary to anyone who thinks they have this writing thing licked. She will open your eyes and make you a better writer.


“Mary McCauley did a great job on proofreading my MA in Creative Writing submission. I’m delighted with the work and with your sympathy for what I was trying to achieve creatively. You found so many points, both small things that you referenced very clearly which increased my understanding, and a couple of much larger points, as well as observations on clichés and repetition. I felt so much more confident about submitting my work. I look forward to using your service again.”


Mary proofread a very technical job application. She took the time and looked up all the technical terms specific to the application. The work was done very quickly and I was very satisfied with the quality of the resulting document and comments. I really strongly recommend this proofreader.


I used Mary’s services for my novel The Cinderella Reflex. I had received a word of mouth recommendation for her but I had never met her before. This is my first venture as a self-publisher and while everyone had advised me to get a professional editor I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had already edited the book extensively after some very good feedback from my writers group.
However, Mary sent me comprehensive details of what she would be actually doing with my manuscript and the cost involved and I was happy to book it in with her.
To be honest I was expecting a few minor typos and punctuation errors – that’s all.
But I was gobsmacked when the manuscript came back with almost 300 changes listed. Talk about an Eagle Eye!
Once I got over the shock of how so many errors had got through my own filtering system I had a few laugh out loud moments at Mary’s diplomatic (and sometimes hilarious) comments.
After all the work involved in writing the book it would have been a real shame if I had unwittingly published with the mistakes still in it and I am very relieved that I sent it to Mary first.


Being a new author, I contacted Mary McCauley to proofread my manuscript and advise me on how to improve it. She was able to offer me a professional copy-editing service, which I accepted. She provided me with a detailed analysis far greater than what I was expecting, and well within the allotted time frame. Her comments were so well explained that I understood exactly what she meant, which enabled me to focus on her guidelines. I also found her service great value for money and will not hesitate to use her again for future projects. Highly recommended.
David Kavanagh, author


I have used Mary McCauley to proofread my blog for the last half year, and its just perfect.
Fast and efficient – highly recommendable.


Mary proofread a short story for me recently. I was delighted to meet someone so agreeable and easy to deal with. She had my piece proof read and back to me before the agreed date. Her work was very detailed and Mary also offered advice which was up to me to accept. I can strongly recommend Mary.


I am a multi passionate entrepreneur which means I have a variety of projects on the go at the one time. I have several blogs, online courses, online magazines and ebooks – some are complete and others are ongoing projects. Mary has been proofing my stuff for over a year now and I’m usually nearly embarrassed by the amount of mistakes she finds in documents I think are perfect! She goes through work with a fine tooth comb and does an amazingly thorough job. I could not recommend her more highly.


As a fiction writer, I was delighted to have Mary McCauley proofread and copy-edit my manuscript of a novella and five short stories. Her attention to details about the characters, storylines and situations truly impressed me. Her suggestions and clarifications were invaluable in preparing the manuscript for its transformation into a published book. Professionally courteous at all times, it was a joy to work with her. I highly recommend her.

15/08/2013 proofread my Masters thesis for me this summer. Her service was invaluable – in addition to making edits, she gave helpful comments on a few things that may be changed according to the end reader perspective. I submitted my thesis in two parts – with the first, I was surprised to see the amount of grammatical errors and misuse of punctuation I had made but Mary gave me a full breakdown of the issues, changes that were made and comments regarding how I could avoid making the same mistakes in my second submission to the company. The commentary was always detailed; turnaround times were quick – all in all an excellent service that, as a lecturer, I will encourage my students to use for their dissertations/ thesis.


I engaged Mary McCauley to proofread a new website I was launching for my business. Mary makes the process extremely easy – I emailed her the address of the website and received a document with excellent feedback within one working week. The suggestions and advice I received were both practical and beneficial, and gave me the confidence that the details and information contained on my site are now of the highest professional standard. Proofreading was not something I had considered prior to launching my company website, however, after my experience with Mary it is something I will never be without again. I was delighted with the professional service provided by Mary McCauley Proofreading, and would have no hesitation in recommending Mary to any person or business requiring proofreading services


Mary McCauley provides a fast, thorough and thoughtful service. Her proofing is exact. She asks pertinent questions and offers helpful comments and suggestions. In a word – terrific.


I recently updated my Curriculum Vitae and job application cover letter template, and asked Mary McCauley to review both to ‘polish off’ the finer grammatical details. My overall experience of the service provided by Mary was superb – thoroughly professional, timely and, needless to say, accurate. I have recommended Mary’s proofreading service to a number of my colleagues, as I believe it adds value to any job application process.

Marianne Murphy, FCCA

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