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Sorry to those of you who may have been looking forward to reading the latest Freelancer of the Month article – the feature has been replaced this month by this quick update about some changes to the website. We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes to bring some new modifications to the directory which we believe will enhance the user experience for advertisers and end users alike. Here’s a breakdown of the main changes we’ve made:

New tabs on listings

As well as having an area to write a description of their business, advertisers now have two additional tabs on their listings – a Client Reviews tab and a Contact Listing Owner tab:

Screenshot of new-look FaP listings

Client reviews are not a new feature, but having a tab next to the description will hopefully entice more users to read the reviews. The Contact Listing Owner form is now fully automated so enquiries will be sent directly to the advertiser, not to Find a Proofreader, thus speeding up the whole process and helping to ensure that our advertisers secure more work via the site.

No need to register to write reviews

We have removed the need for customers to register with the website before they write reviews of advertisers. We did this because the feedback from advertisers seems to suggest that the majority of customers are put off by the registration process. Now all advertisers need to do is tell their customers to visit their Find a Proofreader listing, scroll down beyond the description (or click on the new Client Reviews tab) and fill out the review form. Once we’ve approved it, the review will go live! We’re sure this new system will lead to more reviews for all our advertisers!

Improved login/register/dashboard

Screenshot of new FaP registerWe often received emails from new advertisers asking how to log into the site. The old login button was rather hidden away in the top left corner before, so we’ve moved it down slightly and placed it next to the main ad banner so that it’s much easier to spot!

Once logged in, these buttons will say ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Logout’, respectively. We think that this will make it easier for advertisers to navigate the site when they’re logged in.

Lastly, advertisers no longer need to fill out a CAPTCHA code when they log in, making logging in quicker and easier.

These are the main changes we’ve made – there were some other tweaks made under the bonnet but we won’t bore you with those here! Ultimately you should find the site faster and simpler to use. If you do encounter any technical issues or if you have any suggestions that you’d like us to implement, please let us know.


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