The power of the testimonial


Proofreading testimonialsThere’s nothing like receiving positive feedback about your service. We recently received an email  from Tim Rutherford-Johnson, a proofreader and long-standing Find a Proofreader advertiser, which contained the following comment:

“Findaproofreader is one of the best services of its kind, and it really helped me establish a client base when I started my proofreading business.”

This is a lovely comment to receive, and it’s not the first time we’ve had positive feedback about the site since taking it over just a few months ago. Several other existing members have told us how useful they’ve found it as a source of lead generation, and many of the newer advertisers have also sung its praises on blogs and social media channels.

Tim was kind enough to let us use his comment as a testimonial on the site, and over the next few months we aim to collate some more so we can have a whole page full of them! So if you’d like to submit a testimonial, please email us your kind words today!

And if you’re an advertiser with Find a Proofreader, don’t forget that you can get your customers to leave you testimonials on the site too. Our reviewing system allows visitors to rate your service out of five and write a comment describing the service they received. As well as giving your listing more credibility, it will also increase your online exposure as the latest reviews appear on the Find a Proofreader homepage. So, let’s all harness the power of the testimonial!

16/08/2012 |

One thought on “The power of the testimonial

  1. alexander13 says:

    I would be open to supporting this if I find myself able to provide positive feedback, as long as is also actively soliciting constructive criticism as to how it can improve (and publishing feedback on same to its advertisers).

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