Updates to Find a Proofreader now live!


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve made further improvements to Find a Proofreader this week. We’ve tweaked the logo so that it’s optimised for iPads and smartphones and we’ve enchanced the search bar’s functionality, but the two most noticeable enhancements are listed below:

Favourites – logged-in users are now able to save their favourite proofreaders to their profile. Whether it’s a return visitor who wishes to make a note of the proofreader they used previously, or whether it’s a first-time user who likes the look of a listing and wants to save it for future reference, all they need to do is click on the ‘Add to Favourites’ button on the listing.



ShareThis – Next to the ‘Add to Favourites’ you’ll notice a ShareThis button. Hover over it and a window will appear, jam-packed full of social media channels that you can share the listing on – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest… you name it, we’ve added it.

This is great news for site users as many of them are students who wish to share their valuable finds with their friends – and, of course, it’s great news for our advertisers looking to increase their online presence. The more interactive we can make the site, the better the user experience, and by adding social media functionality we’re increasing the likelihood of more people finding our advertisers!

The other noteworthy update is to the way Category Featured Ads are displayed. Previously, if a user searched the directory via category, the Category Featured Ads would be displayed in date order, so the newest placed ad would be at the top. This wasn’t the most democratic solution so these listings are now displayed in a random order each time.

We hope advertisers and users alike enjoy these latest updates to Find a Proofreader. If you have any suggestions of your own that you feel would enhance the site, please leave a comment below – we’re always open to feedback whether it’s positive or negative!

29/08/2012 |

One thought on “Updates to Find a Proofreader now live!

  1. Admin says:

    Oops, forgot to mention that we also updated the live chat widget. The old one seemed to slow the site down!

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