How to add your business on Find A Proofreader

  1. Add your Listing. Go to Click the green “Add Your Listing” button as shown in the screenshot below.
  1. Register. In order to create a listing, you must have an account first. Create one by clicking ‘Register’. 
  1. Complete the fields on the registration page. Enter username, email, and password, then click ‘Register’. 


  • The username is not case-sensitive. Make sure it’s unique. 
  • Your email address can only be used once for registration.
  • Replace the auto-generated password with your preferred password. Follow the hints to create a stronger one.
  1. Select a Plan. To select an option, tick the box or circle, then click ‘Continue’. If you click the “feature on category for 365 days” you will pay more but appear above standard listings when people search the site (featured listing). You will also have a box around your listing to highlight it. If you don’t select this option you will have a standard listing. You also have the option to turn on automatic rebilling. If you choose that option you won’t need to manually renew your listing when it expires, the payment will be taken automatically.
  1. Edit Listing Information. Fill in the blank fields, then click ‘Next’. Note – The fields are not case-sensitive. If you want to list as a proofreader and thus receive jobs leads from our Get A Quote system then you must select “proofreaders/editors” from the listing category. All other categories do not receive proofreading job leads.
  1. Make the payment. You need to select a method for processing your payment by clicking the drop-down – Paypal or Stripe. Then click ‘Submit’.
  1. Payment Login Page. Depending on the payment method you choose, you will be redirected to the Paypal/Stripe page.
  2. Paypal Page. Enter your email address or mobile number and click ‘Next”. Then process the payment using your PayPal account. If you don’t have a Paypal Account yet, you can create one by clicking “‘Create an account”, or you may use the other payment option- Stripe.
  1. Stripe page. Pay with your Debit or Credit Card using Stripe. Enter all the information required on the blank fields, then click ‘Pay’.
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