Proofreading Jobs London

Are you interested in working as a freelancer and seeking online proofreading jobs in London? Do you have proofreading expertise? Join and start earning money as a freelance proofreader!

Findaproofreader is an excellent platform for freelance proofreaders seeking a legitimate way to earn money. You can sign up from anywhere in the world, work flexible hours, send quotes to clients, and take on proofreading jobs directly from clients.

Join our directory and stand out from the crowd of proofreaders in London!

From as low as £40 a year, you can already become a member of our ‘Proofreaders/Editors category’ and quote for the projects emailed to you by clients.

Take advantage of our ‘featured listing’ if you want your business to stand out among the many proofreading freelancers in London. By paying £70 a year, you can be featured above all the standard listings in the proofreaders/editors category when visitors search by category or location.

There are numerous types of freelance proofreading jobs available to you, including:

  • Academic papers: thesis, dissertations, personal statements, essays, assignments, etc. 
  • Business documents: reports, presentations, blogs, website articles, resumes, etc.
  • Novels/Books: crime, detective, thriller, adventure, horror, fantasy, science fiction, etc.

Other benefits that you can enjoy!

You will have an opportunity to gain online exposure through customer reviews. Satisfied customers can post positive reviews on your profile that will increase your credibility and help you stand out.

Findaproofreader ranks on the first pages of several search engines for keywords related to our industry (such as “find a proofreader,” “find a UK proofreader,” and “find a proofreader UK”), thus driving traffic to the site and making the investment worthwhile. By linking to your site from your listing, you can also improve your search engine ranking. 

So what are you waiting for? Add your business now!

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