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Find UK freelance proofreading jobs from home with Findaproofreader

Are you looking to earn money from freelance proofreading jobs in the UK? You are in the right place! Jump start your English proofreading career with Findaproofreader.

What is Findaproofreader? We are an online directory of proofreaders. Clients find us in Google and through word of mouth and request quotes for proofreading jobs through our website. This is great if you are looking for part time proofreading and editing work.

When you have proofreading skills and you need to earn money from home, becoming a freelance proofreader can be a great option. At Findaproofreader, you can sign up as a proofreader on our directory from anywhere in the world – whether you are in London or Lisbon – and all quote requests are emailed to you directly.

We’d love to add you to our directory!

For as little as £40 per year, you can join our ‘Proofreaders/Editors category’ with a Basic Listing and quote for the projects emailed to you by clients that use our Get a Quote service.

For £70 a year you can get a Featured Listing. You will have the benefits mentioned in the basic listing plus, you will be featured at the top of the proofreaders/editors category above all the standard listings when visitors search by category on the site or when they do a location search.


With our customer reviews feature, you can enhance your online profile. Positive reviews from satisfied customers will also increase your credibility and help you stand out from the rest.

Types of freelance editing work you will have access to:

  • Academic: For those who love academic proofreading and editing, we have thesis, dissertations, personal statements, essays, assignments, etc quote requests. 
  • Novels: For novel editors we have crime, detective, thriller, adventure, horror, fantasy, science fiction, etc quote requests.
  • Business: reports, presentations, blogs, website articles, resumes, etc.

Examples of recent proofreading job emails through our website:

-a recent proofreading lead through Find A Proofreader: a 12,000-word manuscript, the client is an academic

-a recent proofreading lead through Find A Proofreader: a 70,000-word thesis in Economics and Management, the client is an academic

-a recent proofreading lead through Find A Proofreader: 120,000-word novel, client is an author

-a recent proofreading lead through Find A Proofreader: 2,300 word research proposal requires proofreading, client is a student

What skills do you need?

  • Proofreading skills
  • Grammar proficiency
  • Spelling accuracy
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong language skills
  • Editing expertise
  • Time management


  • Freelance rates vary greatly by region. Have a look here for information about UK rates.
  • Payment per word – this is the most common as it is easy for the client and the proofreader
  • Hourly rates – this is ideal for more complex projects

Our directory gets results!

We are a UK-based website and have been around since 2012, building a reputation as one of the best online career sites for proofreaders worldwide. Due to our high domain ranking (DR 34 in Ahrefs), and strong backlinks as well as frequent posts to our blog, our proofreaders and advertisers enjoy a great return on their small investment. So create your listing now!

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