How to use the search bar effectively

When you search for a freelancer using the Find a Proofreader search bar, type in as many keywords you like. If you need a proofreader, for example, don’t just type in the word ‘proofreader’ or ‘proofreading’ – narrow it down and hone in on your specific needs. So if you require a legal proofreader, type in ‘legal proofreader’. Or if you want a proofreader who is associated with the SfEP, type in ‘SfEP proofreader’. You will then be presented with narrowed search results and it will make finding the right proofreader so much easier!










The same also applies for all other professions listed on the Find a Proofreader directory. For example, if you are looking for a copywriter who specialises in blogging, don’t just type in ‘copywriter’. Try ‘copywriter blogging’ and see what results you find:










Finally, if you want a freelancer from a specific part of the world, don’t forget to type in the city or country in the second search box entitled ‘Near’. The search results will show you the freelancers located in that location. If you would then like to expand the search radius, simply drag the Distance gauge over to the right. You can also refine the search by sorting the results by highest rating, closest proximity and alphabetical order.

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